Dear PizzaGate Denialists: What is a Pizza in “Poor Health,” and “Not Expected To Survive?”

“We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the justice department, and they’re now going to go after 12 new perversions. Things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys, and making that legal…”

Tom De Lay


Update here.

Call me crazy, call PizzaGate “a fake,”  but then you have to prove that none of these pieces of evidence from Come Ping Pong and other strange occult pizza joints is all part of a very big not funny joke played on us rubes.


Comet Pizza Instagram Captures

I watched many “Pizzagate”  videos in recent weeks, with a sensation like a vise closing in on my temples. An otherworldly headache, blurred vision, an inter-cellular sense that all hope of normalcy is forever lost.

Nobody knows WTF is going on, but I have to tell you there are millions of dots in my memory bank that are in strange ways floating back to me, though I can’t describe yet, what I mean. For so many years, I was exposed to so many things I was not “allowed” to be alarmed about, because of deep seated cultural taboos that restricted healthy alarm. One was always conditioned to consider the highly abnormal normal.

I am exhausted from decades of having to always, always, always reassure the outside world that “we don’t know what it means.”

So I’ll say it again: We don’t know what it means. 

One repeats this tea-parlor prayer, as though it will confer protection against the most dreaded accusation of being overly alarmed (about incredibly alarming things)  while no shame was ever attached to being insufficiently alarmed.

I chose this video because it seemed most succinct.

I am aware of the risk of “mass hysteria.”

But for the love of Christ, what is this?


Anonymous: Documents Emerging In Coming Days Demonstrating “…The Largest Coverup In American History.”

I can’t verify or properly weigh the content of this message–but I also don’t consider myself like a parent that has to pre-chew her child’s food.

We’re all in this crazy stew together, and nobody should take on airs of being too proud about what they just can’t bring themselves to “believe.”  Many things “on the internet” are crap, but many are real. Even “crap,” is in some kind of symbiotic relationship to the always emerging vortex of all that has ever been.



It’s safe to say things have never been more flat-out psychedelic in the days leading up to a US election. If I don’t miss the boat to the mainland which leaves punishingly early tomorrow, I will be back in the States in time to cover the coming days that may just be wild enough that MSM will cover something other than their own feelings about “conspiracy theories on the internet.” But that remains to be seen.

All help is needed by all good people, to stay awake, read, decipher, try to  exercise judgement, try to lift out new clues, weed out disinformation, and continue this most urgent battle against apocalyptic darkness in the United States.

The governing cliche has always been “follow the money.” Now, sadly, it’s “follow the pedophilia clues.”

At least we have clarity: Evil is in a free-fall. Light will kill it, and as luck would have it, it’s almost dawn.


–Celia Farber,

Nov. 4, 2016