Crowds and Power

“Can I ask you something?” he snapped. “What do you think of Donald Trump?” I could say many negative things, but others have that covered. I could say many positive things, but others have that covered. What I question is the question. The presumption that I OWE it anybody to address ONE man instead of […]

A Middle Of The Night Facebook Post About Offense Taken or Not Taken


5:20 am My feeling is, Political Correctness is a seemingly never ending assault of dirty glass shards thrown at people, and the whole thing is rigged from the get go, so that you can never get them all out. But you do try. Well, I do. I try to be less UN PC.  The prayer […]

The Last Lines Of A Letter

    Perhaps there are some wounds we don’t want to heal. The memory of what we thought was real. That we never found again.   –Kevin Skolnik, [From a letter to Celia Farber, August, 2016]

Happy Birthday Andrew Wakefield (And One Thing You Don’t Know About Him.)


As a much younger, much less war-damaged journalist, I would have been able to live up to en encounter with Andrew Wakefield–would have had all the right questions, and all the wrong ones. This would have been some time between 1989 and 2006. As I always did in those days, I’d be wearing something OAT colored. […]

Half Time


      “There is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” Hunter S. Thompson   What a beauty that quote is. I went through a phase around 2004, of being almost incapacitated by my sudden awareness of the genius of Hunter S. Thompson, who an ex […]

Shit Happens

    Regarding inquiring emails that are arriving. Apparently I was not clear at all in last night’s (this morning’s) post about the vanished post. It had been a very long day when I wrote it. Here is what I meant to say, and did not quite say an/or did not say at all. Somebody […]