Producer Of Vaxxed: We Must Forgive Robert DeNiro

Minnesota, dusk, ll

                    Robert DeNiro Is Not At Fault For This Disaster   By Polly Tommey   Autism is hard to live with for many families. I know as I am Billy’s mother. Billy is a 19-year-old who had a severe adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine at […]

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers


                    I’d just gone in to look for my notepad.  “You can come in,” Rita said, “but this is not a happy time.” One of the sparrows was being lifted from his small cage. “His feet are dead,” Rita said, her sky blue eyes the color […]

Bounce (A Truer Story)


by Liam Scheff                     I’m almost human today, having reverted from whatever maudlin and darkly creative state the world usually extrudes me, into a more wide-open pose. Perhaps it was my intersection with a woman accelerating blindly into the intersection yesterday. I’ll restrain myself from a […]



                        I don’t know him well; We are working together on a project. But at the moment he called I was thinking about the baby again, and how he must feel. Or might feel. I tried to explain to him that I don’t always, […]

My Father’s Dream


My father calls me every night, or almost every night, between 9:30 and 10:30 pm, after the show. He is now 82. I cherish our talks, and often take notes. This summer we talked many evenings about Normandy, and his theory that it should have happened somewhere else, but I’d have to find my notes […]

That Was All That Happened


Judging from her feet, she was no princess. Size 9, with toes that were long, one shaped like a tennis racket, bunions, bones adrift. They hurt, in all shoes except sneakers. She walked fast and hard, up and down the streets of Manhattan. She could clip 20 blocks in 15 minutes, easily. Thinking, thinking, thinking. […]