Half Time


      “There is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” Hunter S. Thompson   What a beauty that quote is. I went through a phase around 2004, of being almost incapacitated by my sudden awareness of the genius of Hunter S. Thompson, who an ex […]

Shit Happens

    Regarding inquiring emails that are arriving. Apparently I was not clear at all in last night’s (this morning’s) post about the vanished post. It had been a very long day when I wrote it. Here is what I meant to say, and did not quite say an/or did not say at all. Somebody […]

Producer Of Vaxxed: We Must Forgive Robert DeNiro

Minnesota, dusk, ll

                    Robert DeNiro Is Not At Fault For This Disaster   By Polly Tommey   Autism is hard to live with for many families. I know as I am Billy’s mother. Billy is a 19-year-old who had a severe adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine at […]

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers


                    I’d just gone in to look for my notepad.  “You can come in,” Rita said, “but this is not a happy time.” One of the sparrows was being lifted from his small cage. “His feet are dead,” Rita said, her sky blue eyes the color […]

Bounce (A Truer Story)


by Liam Scheff                     I’m almost human today, having reverted from whatever maudlin and darkly creative state the world usually extrudes me, into a more wide-open pose. Perhaps it was my intersection with a woman accelerating blindly into the intersection yesterday. I’ll restrain myself from a […]



                        I don’t know him well; We are working together on a project. But at the moment he called I was thinking about the baby again, and how he must feel. Or might feel. I tried to explain to him that I don’t always, […]