Graham Hancock: “I Traced The Human Story”

For Jeremy.


“The lie told by archeologists is that the great pyramid was the tomb of some megalomaniac Pharaoh.

It’s been clear to me for a very long time that the great pyramid was never a tomb. The great pyramid was a giant instrument for amplifying human consciousness. And it functions as a beacon. It still functions as a beacon. It draws people towards it, from all over the world, they don’t even know why they’re drawn towards it. It selects its own initiates. For some people it’s just a heap of stone.”

–Graham Hancock

Priestess Of Hate: Who Is Linda Sarsour?

Here’s a little background on Linda Sarsour, who now has an unexpected new opponent–rock musician Courtney Love.

This clip zooms past the most infamous Sarsour tweet, which I find more breathtaking every time I read it. Pause and dwell on the words:

“I wish I could take their vaginas away–they don’t deserve to be women.”

That is such a deeply disturbing sentiment–nobody alive could call it anything but pure psychopathy.

(I said “alive.”)

The present day “women’s movement,” and “women’s marches,” have been hijacked by a totalitarian, intolerant, pro-Sharia, woman hating cult leader: Linda Sarsour.

But that is not my only reason for avoiding those marches like the black plague. Seeing liberal men in those absurd knitted pink cat-ear hats, knowing all that I know about them, from direct experience–that would be the end of me. I could not continue.

Has there ever been a more grotesque perversion of a liberty movement that this? Contemporary mass-feminism…punishes and attacks as “Islamophobic” any and all who would seek to address the murder of women in the name of Sharia law, all over the world.

I suppose it is on par with a proletarian worker’s revolution that mass murdered farmers and peasants.

I would live my life over as a brain scientist if I could have access to Radical Leftists Brains, and see what they contain. Is there a little blocked brain passage where perception and emotion make a U-turn and go the wrong way all of a sudden, in this brain? Is there a way to quantify empathy? A way to diminish psychopathic narcissism, or block the dopamine rushes of attacking people declared as morally unfit? Racist, Islamophobic, etc?

Everybody is getting high on this garbage. We should approach hate as an addiction. A cheap crack pipe. These frauds are drug dealers and cult leaders, offering nothing but a dead end life of Godforsaken hatred of our fellow man, while the real killers are aided and abetted.