The Growing Power OF “Within The Context Of No Context” By George W.S. Trow




In the New History, nothing was judged—only counted. The power of judging was then subtracted from what it was necessary for a man to learn to do. In the New History, the preferences of a child carried as much weight as the preferences of an adult, so the refining of preferences was subtracted from what it was necessary for a man to learn to do. In the New History, the ideal became agreement rather than well-judged action, so men learned to be competent only in those modes which embraced the possibility of agreement. The world of power changed. What was powerful grew more powerful in ways that could be easily measured, grew less powerful in every way that could not be measured.

The most powerful men were those who most effectively used the power of adult competence to enforce childish agreements.


The Truth Barrier Supports Anti-Tryanny Activists Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec Whose Protest Shut Down Grotesque Trump Assassination Play In New York City

Two anti-tyranny, anti-violence activists Laura Loomer and and Jack Posobiec disrupted the Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar.depicting Donald Trump stabbed to death by a mob with knives.

Loomer, of Rebel Media, shouted: “STOP THE NORMALIZATION OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP. YOU ARE POLITICAL TERRORISTS ALL OF YOU!” She was arrested and later released from police custody. Posobiec shouted: GOEBBELS WOULD BE PROUD! YOU ARE NAZIS, ALL OF YOU!”

Civil War has now broken out in America. May as well face it.

The Truth Barrier fully supports this courageous protest against the normalization  of political violence on the reprehensible bourgeoisie left.

Clips below:

Alex Jones, 2013: “I Clearly Believe, From The Evidence, Children Were Really Killed In Sandy Hook, And It’s A Real Tragedy.”

NBC and Megan Kelly are in foaming hot water over Kelly’s upcoming interview with anti-globalist, populist talk show host Alex Jones. Jones pre-empted Kelly’s piece by publishing his own recording of the interview, here. A close friend of mine knows the father of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook, and told me he met the boy once. Another friend of mine has posted on FB that he knows another family who lost a child, but didn’t respond to a request I sent that he put me in touch with the family. It is understandable that grieving parents are simply unable to summon the strength to “prove” that their children have been killed, so the situation persists: People on the internet persist in spreading “conspiracy” theories that run the gamut, all the way out to saying no children were killed, and that the entire event was staged as a false flag to condition to public to surrender the right to bear arms.

Story on Sandy Hook families outrage over Megan Kelly’s Alex Jones interview here. 

Mainstream media outlets continue to report that Alex Jones thinks Sandy Hook “was a hoax,” and that no children were killed. This, a simple internet search reveals, is not true.

Jones, apparently, interviewed people on all sides of the conspiracy spectrum. In 2013, in the video posted below, he said:

“I clearly believe from the evidence, children were really killed in Sandy Hook, and it’s a real tragedy. But the fact that they’re having people script things and that answers are being scripted is incontrovertible. We’ll get to some of that evidence right now..”

The issues raised by Jones in the video below broach the way bigger, messier issue of primarily CNN having been caught staging, faking, and manipulating news, including pretending to be places they were not. That’s the conversation America is getting ready to have now, thanks to Alex Jones/Megyn Kelly hysteria.

My heart aches for the families, and my primary intention with this post is to prove:

A: Alex Jones believes children were killed at Sandy Hook and B: Alex Jones believes CNN is a deep state organ that literally fakes news. These questions should not be conflated to the point where the entire discussion is rendered “toxic,” “hateful,” and taboo. Instead, let’s get everything up to the surface, out in the open.

UPDATE: In 2014, Alex Jones seemed to contradict or expand on the 2013 quote above (which is normal, to alternate position, as new information comes in.) Were no homicides registered in Sandy Hook in 2012? Really?