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  1. I loved your interview on CTM!!!! Your insights on psyops were very spot-on. I’ve ordered your book, and a few others that you recommend on this website. Your posts on here kept me occupied for hours yesterday – good stuff. Although many of the links and videos are now broken and have been removed/censored since you’ve posted them (including Rappaport’s blog – WTF???) Just goes to show there is an attack on the truth. I hope to hear you on another interview again in the near future. Take care!

  2. Dear Celia, I watched your interview with JBW on CTM. Thank you for speaking the truth and I hope to see more of you on CTM. God bless you, Dame Farber.

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    1. You probably don’t remember me, but that’s because I just wanted to tell you that your close friend, Clark Baker, had the LAPD execute a search warrant on his house and seize his computers. Apparently the sick puppy has a penchant for kiddie porn. Interesting company you nutjobs keep amongst yourselves.

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  6. Dear Celia,

    I think you’ve got my Yahoo address, but here’s my Gmail one so you don’t have to go searching for the other. I could’ve done that and emailed you (or I guess sent a message on Facebook), but I wanted to write to you now, from here at the Truth Barrier site, while the urge is on me.

    I love “White Lights Small City.” I remember you telling me about your mother and about the Sweden years, but this tells me so much more, and so beautifully. I had no idea (or maybe didn’t recall) that you wrote & spoke only Swedish for 8 years. And your dad…I’d wanted to ask about him in my message yesterday but was ashamed to admit I didn’t know if he’s still around or not. Until I got to the end of your story I thought yes, since you mention him in the present tense, but when I saw the original publication date (2003, the same season of my visit) I got unsure all over again. I’ll never forget not just Thanksgiving dinner with y’all at his place but the great meal he took us out for at the Chinese restaurant. I also recollect buying his book about language learning and sending it to my friend Jerry in New York who was struggling with German–resisting it really, having parted badly with the German mother of his young son.

    “You think you’re pretty but I don’t think so” sounds pretty punky for a polka tune. That’s another thing I love about the story, the rock’n’roll kids stuff: you & big sister Bibi. The background photo reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s Bare Trees, the cover of which I still like to gaze at even in JPEG facsimile. And who did the cool illustration?

    Thanks for the great holiday reading and for the inspiration at a time when it’s needed and just maybe (with a 3-week holiday underway) might help steer me somewhere. And I’m just getting started with The Truth Barrier. All best with it and all else in the new year.

    Much love,

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