Why We Lack Courage


Why we lack courage * We lack courage because if we happen sometimes to be brave as individuals we know that we will for sure be undercut by committees (by managers).  Once this has happened, once some individual has done the right thing (what would strike any individual as the right thing – maybe just […]

[Re-Published] Real Watergate Story Revealed In New Book


Note: The Truth Barrier first published this in Feb. of  2012. I decided to re-publish it in light of the events in the US, Hillary Clinton, and the re-opening of the FBI’s criminal case against her. Michael Hastings, mentioned at the end of the article, has since died in an unnatural car crash. I believe […]

Train Encounters


“An Angel with no face embraced me and whispered through my whole body: ‘Don’t be ashamed of being human, be proud! Inside you vault open behind vault endlessly. You will never be complete, that’s how it’s meant to be.’ Blind with tears I was pushed out on the sun-seething piazza together with Mr. and Mrs. […]

Returning To The Island Where I Left My Heart


Runmaro: A Love Letter

New Green Dress

Don't be afraid

Reflections on The Hidden Meaning of Drama and Trauma “It may well be that you have been cast in the role of trigger for the emotional release work in which another being is engaged. And it may appear to you that the individual in question is overreacting to your prompts. Yet, from that other person’s […]

What They Said: Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

“The artistic process, perhaps apart from ballet and Victorian theater, it doesn’t engage the physical form the way that rock does. And particularly not the kind of fighting cock, peacock male thing. It’s a kind of courtship. All that undermines what is really going on in rock, which is a deep, deep , awful and […]