Why Did Salon De-Publish This Article on Arthur Caplan?

    Thank you to Erik Leon for retrieving this for us from the Way Back Machine.*   It is the Sept 2000 article describing the lawsuit against Arthur Caplan, which came up in an earlier Truth Barrier article. The back story can be read here:   From the disappeared Salon article, by Arthur Allen: […]

Paging Dr. Wakefield: One Of Your Critics Quoted By CBS and FOX Was Named As A Defendant In A Wrongful Death, Fraud Case With $33 Million Conflict Of Interest

Jesse Gelsinger

I was going to call it a day, when a piece of particularly distressing Associated Press anti-“Vaxxed” (the movie) propaganda caught my eye–on Fox (Health) News Online  and CBS News online.   The headline was: Medical Community Is Fighting A New Germ: Celebrities.   It managed to be all at once offensive, (actually in a […]

The Mind Cage: An Uncensored History Of the War Against Andrew Wakefield And The Disappeared UK Victims


A New Column: By Martin J. Walker                         In 1995 a lawyer in Norfolk England, began work on a civil claims case against three pharmaceutical companies. Over one and a half thousand parents were claiming for the damage the MMR vaccination had done to […]


Text message from Dr. William Thompson to Dr. Andy Wakefield

“I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty…” –CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson     The last desperate effort when the CDC whistleblower story broke last week was for the vaccine establishment and media to drive a wedge between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose “fraud” (according to British journalist Brian […]

CNN Complicity in Media Blackout of CDC MMR Vaccine Whistleblower Deepens

The Truth Barrier received the following message this evening, providing additional details about the CNN iReport story that was taken down on the morning of Aug 23. .   “I wrote the CNN iReport.  The producer contacted me and wanted to know how I know what I know.  I gave her contact info for Hooker, […]