A Warning From Former BLM Member About Nov 4 And The Mind Control Neo-Bolshiviks: “This Is All A Big Set Up”

“For the people who still are believing that this movement, this black movement, even some of these white movements, are legit….man you have a lot of growing to do.”

“Alot of the black leaders are leading us straight to our demise…They’re playing us emotionally because they need all the help that they can get. They’re getting gays, they’re getting black people…anybody who doesn’t like Donald Trump. They’re basically trying to get you to fight for a war that is being started on American turf very very soon.”

“This is all a big set up.”

“The various black movements have been compromised and infiltrated. The BLM is not a black organization, it is being used to help those who want to start a civil war. Many black people are being set up to be slaughtered. We must put the race thing to the side, for now. The Democratic Party is using black people to fight whites for Antifa. Antifa is being paid for by Clinton, Soros, and Rothschilds. Black allegiance is the target. The whole plan is to take the guns away from people on the conservative side. November 4th is the day that Antifa has pledged to start the war. It is already here with the Las Vegas thing. That was a direct hit from the left. I want black people to understand that you are being used.

What is going on now is so much bigger than the issue of racial equality, it is about revolution against America. I am damn sure not going with Hillary and Soros. The people on the left are trying to get you to do their dirty work and start the civil war. White, Blacks and Mexicans, they are coming after you. You are going to get slaughtered if you listen to them. Hidden powers are controlling the narrative. Trying to get you to hate white people.”

–Chaziel Sunz

Note: As I have reported here in recent days, I attended the Oct 30 Antifa protest against journalist Mike Cernovich, at Colombia University.  There’s still a lot I have not had time to report. One thing that struck me to the point of shock was this: As they stood crowded into that lobby, chanting, then pausing, to allow speakers to come to the center, and take the mike, the white leaders (thin, shifty, menacing hooded types) they said, over and over: “Are there any brown or black people that would like to say anything? Are there any brown or black people that would like to say anything?” They made sure every speaker was “black or brown” but the leaders were white, and oozing violence.

Who talks like that? “Black or brown people?” It struck me as racist and condescending. And exactly in line with what Chaziel Sunz is saying here.

Well, whatever comes, it starts today. It’s November 4th.

What are the two sides? Rothschild Hate Based Revolutionary vs. Anti-violence Humanist. Trump is a trigger, a huge trigger. And what we are being subject to is mass trauma based mind control. Try to hold in to your thoughts. Don’t let your mind be hacked, to abandon your values, because you feel abused enough to go along with anything the Globalist Narcissist ghouls say.  As he says, “Do your own research.”

There are ways to oppose racism that do not play directly into the hands of a destructive, deadly NWO Bolshevik revolution that benefits the 1 % here on US soil, just because you may not like Donald Trump. He is not nearly as relevant, or as central, as he is made out to be.
You are under no obligation to become hateful, to assist banking elites in their final destruction of human liberty.