Why Did Salon De-Publish This Article on Arthur Caplan?

    Thank you to Erik Leon for retrieving this for us from the Way Back Machine.*   It is the Sept 2000 article describing the lawsuit against Arthur Caplan, which came up in an earlier Truth Barrier article. The back story can be read here:   From the disappeared Salon article, by Arthur Allen: […]

Paging Dr. Wakefield: One Of Your Critics Quoted By CBS and FOX Was Named As A Defendant In A Wrongful Death, Fraud Case With $33 Million Conflict Of Interest

Jesse Gelsinger

I was going to call it a day, when a piece of particularly distressing Associated Press anti-“Vaxxed” (the movie) propaganda caught my eye–on Fox (Health) News Online  and CBS News online.   The headline was: Medical Community Is Fighting A New Germ: Celebrities.   It managed to be all at once offensive, (actually in a […]