Macron and Le Pen: At Least Know This

“At Least Know This,” was a concept my father and I hatched together about 20 years ago, but never “developed.”  I would (and still do) often ask my father–who I did not grow up with– sweeping questions, mostly about World War 2, which he began following closely by short wave radio as a boy in North Carolina, too young to serve. As I recall it, as soon as she said it: “At Least Know This,” we both knew it was a way to capture basic knowledge, and we thought to do a book with one page written by an expert on a variety of subjects: “World War 2: At Least Know This.” Or, “The Bolshevik Revolution: At Least Know This.”

I remember we agreed Peter Duesberg could write the chapter on virology. Neither of us can understand why the publishing industry has not beaten a path to our door.

In any case, last few days, I have brushed up my “at least know this” knowledge about the French election, and offer one article and one video, about Le Pen and Macron, respectively. One shocker, I suppose everybody but I already knew:

Did you know that Emmanuel Macron’s wife is 24 years his senior, and fell for him when he was her student, at the age of 15? Because they are globalists bankers, you are to view this as a “unique love story.”

I can hear my father say what he loves most to say about the French, in French:

“Ce n’est pas la fin des haricots”

(It’s not the end of string beans.)

But maybe it is. I may call my father tomorrow and say, “You know how you always say is not the end of string beans? Well, I just read something that might be.”

Meanwhile, I like this little video about Marine Le Pen’s voters, for the simple reason that it interviews actual LePen voters in the French countryside, who are part of the “forgotten France.” It’s basic man on the street journalism, which we see almost never in US media.
I have a feeling Macron will win. But Marine is very charismatic and powerful. She’s a populist, not “far-right,” though her father, who she kicked out of the party was.