From The Nazis To The Silicon Valley Billionaires: Exposing The Totalitarian Origins Of Today’s Climate Industrial Complex

“When we’re talking about the climate industrial complex…first of all you’re talking about multi-billion [dollar] American foundations. We’re talking about the various Rockefeller funds, you’re talking about Pew, MacArthur. These huge, huge foundations who’ve been funding some of this stuff really since, well, the Rockefeller Foundation’s been funding [since] the [influx of the] Frankfurt School.

When the Frankfurt School, these far-leftist, post-Marxist academics from Germany fled Nazi Germany, they came to America. Part of their time here was financed by these foundations. Their return was financed by one of the Rockefeller Foundations. They’ve been in this game for a very long time, and in addition to which, you then have all the climate scientists and the billions of dollars of climate funding research. They depend on that stream. They’ve got to keep this going to keep the grants coming. And then you’ve got the wind and solar [movements]. And that’s not billions, that’s hundreds of billions [of dollars supporting the relevant organizations]. It’s enormous.

And then out in front of those, you’ve got what I call the “shock troops” of the climate industrial complex: The NGOs. [These include] [n]ot just the people at the World Resources Institute, if you like — they’re the more respectable kind of intellectual end of it — but you’ve got the people who go out there, like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, the Bill McKibbens of this world. And again, when you look where they get their money, it comes a lot from these large foundations, West Coast foundations. And it comes from Silicon Valley billionaires. So we are talking about something that is very large, very powerful and extremely well financed.”

“But the second thing is to do with the way the climate industrial complex behaves, and how they seek to win the argument, and that is to close down debate; it is to delegitimize dissent; it is to cull people into silence. And the penultimate chapter in the book is called, “The Spiral of Silence,” which is this notion that when people don’t hear arguments in the public square, they cease making those arguments themselves. They stop even knowing what they believe…So you can suppress debate, you can suppress the arguments, not by having an argument but just making sure you don’t have an argument. And I think that…ultimately the United States Constitution depends on the First Amendment, the right to free speech, but that’s a formality. The real thing is the essence of being able to speak freely, and that is what is at risk.”

Rupert Darwall, Interview here.


The astonishing interview, posted below, with Rupert Darwall resonated with everything I have first hand experience of, in the field of weaponized, fabricated “science,” that “good people” believe in. (HIV/AIDS–)

I always thought I was surely an “environmentalist” and that does not change.
I’m not an expert in that subject. But I detest all totalitarian methods, especially against scientists.


Green Tyranny: Exposing The Totalitarian Roots Of The Climate Industrial Complex

More information: Top Russian Scientist Says Fear A Temperature Drop, Not Global Warming

Sweden: Man Tries To Rob Store With Knife, Storeowner Attacks With Crowbar: Which One Is Going To Prison?

The storeowner is being brought up on charges of excess aggression with a possible prison sentence. Both Denmark and Sweden have laws that say, yes, you have the right to defend your property and life against an intruder, but you must use just the right amount of aggression, not more than the situation calls for.

Mystery Illness, “Resignation Syndrome,” Reported by BBC

I heard about this when I was in Sweden, last year. It’s not a new story: “Apatiska barn,” or “Apathetic children,” now called “Resignation Syndrome.” I believe personally that the extremely powerful WiFi networks in Sweden play a role, as do all the cultural rules and prohibitions that in so many ways turn immigrants into inert parcels, treated as something not quite human. There is actually one camp in Sweden, in this debate, that argues that the kids are faking it. I doubt that.