Letter From Sweden This Morning: Was This The First Terrorist Event?

  “Yes, the gang rapes are terrorist acts and they let them happen for years. The street attacks are completely predictable, it is like putting lives on a sadistic lottery. The government doesn’t act preventatively nor act at all. But who will ever hold them responsible for such a hideous form of treason exposing people’s […]

Somali Journalist Exposes al-Shabaab Recruiting in Sweden: Betrayed By Swedish Ultra PC Media, Returns To Somalia

“We don’t judge anybody.” –Randi Mossige-Norrheim   “This place is more dangerous than Mogadishu.” “What do you mean?” “Here you cannot tell the truth. The truth is kept secret and the people are silenced.” –Amun Abdullahi  

Do They Advocate Mandatory Vaccination in Sweden?


American progressives have long fetishized everything Swedish as the ideal way of the civilized world. Sweden is also probably the most safety obsessed nation in the world. Since I am half Swedish and have moved back here, I thought to look up Swedish vaccination laws. I was just curious: Do Swedes have any political movements […]