What Is Wrong With The Burns/Novick PBS Documentary “The Vietnam War?”

[An email sent from Cat McGuire, to a friend of hers on the Left, re-printed via the Facebook page of Mark Crispin Miller:]



Hi, F.
I know you are familiar with the criticisms of Burns’ Vietnam documentary film. I am not sure which ones you read, but I think this review by FAIR in particular does a very good job of explaining why Burns’ series is flawed. (You know who FAIR is, right?)
On the one hand, I agree with you that just seeing the images alone is a stark wake-up call for clueless young people who have no idea about Vietnam. On the other hand, as the FAIR review astutely deconstructs, Burns’ narrative neuters accountability, thereby shielding the psychopaths who willingly, calculatingly perpetrated the massive Southeast Asian horror.
Without full-disclosure analysis accompanying all that imagery, by and large the public — unlike you — does not have a context for interpreting the historical truths underlying those images. History thereby becomes co-opted by the dominant culture’s version of reality. One might say how bad is that?, at least they’re getting a clue as to what happened — as opposed to zero idea.
What’s so bad about it is that the exact same dumbing-down lies and fake news is what is being peddled to us once again with the current 9/11 Wars. History is repeating itself, and documentaries like Burns’ are a continual programming of the public to accept the official narratives being drilled into us, subliminally or otherwise.
Add to that, it’s not necessarily what is said that’s so bad, it’s almost always what is not said. The omissions is where truth lies. Through glib gloss-overs of the role of the power elites (yep, his funders), popular-culture filmmakers like Burns, under the guise of an inclusive “lets hear all sides” (as if all the sides have equally weighted power), serve to lull people from doing the deeper critical analysis of teasing out the depths and nuances of history — which is the exact lack of perception the powers that be require for today’s 9/11 Wars.
Or as Orwell so aptly wrote: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
On a somewhat tangential note, it frustrates, angers, and pains me how FAIR can deliver such an astute analysis of a past war, yet perpetuate so thoroughly the same myopia for current wars. To wit, the mainstream-left’s inability to acknowledge the historical roots of today’s wars — the Deep State’s responsibility for committing 9/11 — keeps America in as thorough a state of denial of the truth as Burns’ propaganda film does.
FAIR is ultimately mirroring the same failures of omission as the dominant power structure it exposes and excoriates. Pot calling the kettle black.
As long as the Left – just like Ken Burns – continues to eat from similar Big Funder troughs that demand deflection of the uber criminals, they will never truly grasp why they are no less enabling the 9/11 Wars as the liberal establishment enabled Vietnam back in the 60s.
Or as Upton Sinclair wrote: “It is difficult to make a man understand something when his job depends upon not understanding it.”

–Cat McGuire


*Note from Truth Barrier editor: Despite the  tone of moral purity and clarity here, Ms. McGuire continually erases the female half of the documentary team, proving that male supremacy on the left is intact and unquestioned.

I count six mentions of the name “Burns” not one, “Novick.” I understand Lynn Novice traveled to Vietnam, where as Ken Burns did not. Unconfirmed.