4 thoughts on “Antifa Cries For Guns: “The Revolution Has Come, It’s Time To Pick Up A Gun!”

  1. Why don’t the conservative media investigate the faces and lives of the Antifa leaders. I guarrentee that many will show up as members of tbe DNC and affiliated with certain politicians who dole out Soros money.

    1. Why doesn’t the conservative media investigate the faces and lives of neo-nazis marching in the street carrying torches and tRump banners and driving vehicles into crowds of peaceful protestors?

  2. This left-leaning, progressive gun-control advocate has for years condemned antifa and all other oxymoronic organizations of self-proclaimed “anarchists” who hide their identity behind masks or bandanas while committing acts of violence and vandalism in the name of peace and social justice.
    My protest and picket challenging the unholy alliance of a local Thomas Merton centers affiliation with and support of an “anarchist organization” earned media coverage resulting in end of the affiliation and published statement announcing dissolution of the anarchist organization.

    Doin my part to fight hypocrisy.

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